Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Blessed Beyond Measure: Farewell, My Good and Faithful Friend...

Blessed Beyond Measure: Farewell, My Good and Faithful Friend...: Cady Jo (1999-2011) Her leaving my life came suddenly. Fine one morning and terribly not herself the next. Running around like the hyper dog...

Farewell, My Good and Faithful Friend...

Cady Jo (1999-2011)
Her leaving my life came suddenly. Fine one morning and terribly not herself the next. Running around like the hyper dog she was one day, and not running at all the next. Such huge changes in such a short span of time. Leaving her in good hands, but knowing there was only maybe a 50/50 chance of her making it. In the end, there would have needed to have been a decision to put her down because of all the tumors they found in her belly, but God knew I would have struggled to make that decision and made it easier on me by just having her stop breathing.

There was no way to know - no indications - that she would be with me one day and gone the next.

I miss her....terribly.
I remember bringing her home 12 years ago as a pup from the Hall County Humane Society. She and her sister were both there, but Cady picked me out and I brought her home. I had just lost my dog of 5 years, Timber, the week or so before, and loved him so much that there was an empty void and very quiet spot in my home. Cady helped me get over that hurdle.

Over the years, she brought me great joy and also moments of great frustration. Those frustrations centered mainly around when she would get loose and run like the wind through the field next to the house, on her way to the cul-de-sac to the south of us, searching out for other doggie playmates. I don't recall how many times I would hop in the car, drive the short distance, and find her. And then tempt her with the open car door and the offer of "going for a ride".

And she loved to ride in the car! She knew when I got a certain smiley leash out, that we were going somewhere! And she got excited! One of her favorite spots was the local dog park about 2 miles from where we lived in Gainesville (GA). She loved interacting with the other dogs and checking things out. Me, I loved letting her off leash and getting to see her run. It was a thing of beauty to me!

She was my companion on road trips back and forth between GA and PA. Always on the lookout, perched on the console, looking to see where we were headed! Our last long trip was 2 years ago, when I moved from GA back home to PA. She was such a trooper, riding in the U-Haul truck...which was a big jump up for her...I had to give her a boost to get in! Not like riding in the car!

(The guy in green is my former boss and good friend, Scott Borg - His wife, Marcia, took the pics. She is one of my closest friends!)

What do you say about a faithful companion, a wonderful pet who offered unconditional love, who loved to have her belly rubbed, her chin scratched, and would let you know when she wasn't done with you loving on her? She was like a kid to me and her passing has been hard at times to deal with. I haven't yet gone through any of her things and am waiting for a day when I feel strong to do that. She was my dog, my pet, and also, my companion.

I know, because of my experiences with her, I will get another dog one day. But there will never be another Cady. She is/was one of a kind. And isn't that really how God sees us, too? As genuine, one-of-a-kind creations that He loves unconditionally? I'm grateful to Him for giving her to me and allowing me to be her "mama" for 12 years. I have, indeed, been blessed beyond measure to have had her in my life.

Well done, good and faithful dog....well done!